There’s only a month left until our first 15’s match against Chiang Mai All Stars on the 2nd November therefore this week’s practice was important to get the ball rolling again, albeit the same time as the Rugby World Cup being played.

Practice was placed earlier in the day to allow for the players to watch England Vs Argentina and Japan Vs Samoa.

Simon had finally made it back from his trip in Japan along with Oli, Iain, Tom and Dave. Lanna Lions saw two new faces with Chris – Oli’s mate, and Jay – a lad Tom had befriended the week prior. The practice got off to a great start going through some simple moves, passing the ball well between one another.

Later, Coach Tom and Coach Dave introduced mauling into the practice sesh. Very much like the England squad currently playing in the 2019 rugby World Cup, Dave and Tom think that if the Lanna Lions can nail rolling mauls then LRC shall be a mch stronger opponent, retain the ball better and be a lot more likely to win games. After a shaky start, the lads soon got a handle of it. After each small skill was honed, Tom and Dave would add more to the mix until eventually there were 5 players involved in the rolling maul.

The session finished with a nice friendly game of 3 Vs 4 touch. Everyone was thoroughly knackered by the end!

Later, Iain, Stanton, Jay and Tom reconvened at Sheryle’s for the rugby!


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