After last week’s matches Lanna Rugby Club has taken it a little easy this week. Rest and Recovery has been key on the agenda for all the Lanna Lions involved in last week’s matches where we battled it out to win one and lose the other.

As well as the R n R, LRC have been working on the Ruby posts for our home ground in Lamphun that Sheryle’s Restaurant and Bar in the centre of the old city shall be sponsoring Lanna Rugby Club with. We’ve done a cot analysis, and currently seeking workers that are not shy of the challenge to assemble and erect them, turning our practice pitch into a fortress!

This week Lanna Rugby Club shall be back at it playing at Prince Royal’s College.

16:10 Chiang Mai All Stars Vs Lanna Rugby Club

17:00 Chiang Mai University Vs Lanna Rugby Club

Get down for 15:30 and get involved with the Lanna Rugby Tens League


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