The highly anticipated Lanna Rugby Tens League based in Chiang Mai is fast approaching commencing on the 3rd August, this is sure to be a massive event once it gets going, running for 6 weeks, ending on the 7th September.

Lanna Rugby Club have two more practices left until the league begins. It has been quality to see the team come together over the last few weeks after a build up that has been going for around 18 months. Finally we are in competition mode, aiming to become the first winners of the Lanna Rugby Tens League!!

We’ll be competing against 3 local rivals; Prince ROyal’s College, Chiang Mai University and Chiang Mai All Stars.

Lanna Rugby Club is continuously recruiting, so if you’d like to be involved in this hot brand new league, please either contact Lanna Rugby Club via; our email, phone Tom the head coach, or simply come down to a rugby practice held every saturday, 4-6pm at Lamphun Technical College.

Lanna Rugby Tens League fixtures Chiang Mai


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