As the Lanna Rugby Tens League is only two weeks away it was time for Lanna Rugby Club to get serious about practice if we are to run the other teams ragged on the 3rd August.

Head Coach Tom put the players through their paces for the first half of practice. Cardio is a huge priority as well as quick thinking if we are to succeed throughout the league competition. Mike, Opart, Dave, Dtun and Tim pushed themselves incredibly hard with the sun beating down upon them. It was a test for sure. Tim had been injured for the last 6 weeks due to bruised ribs, and put in a massive effort. The cardio didn’t agree with his stomach, I’ll say that much, alas he kept on going.

at the  5 O’clock mark we had a little break, catch all of our collective breath before heading back out to go through positional work. Just as we’d began, the heavens opened . . .  THANK GOD! To feel the rain drops hitting our skin after such an intense cardio session before hand, it was bliss. Added bonus, we got to practice in the rain, getting our hands used to a wet ball. EXCELLENT.

We had enough players to go through a few quick lineouts and scrums with a few phases added on to get the players used to how a game will play out, as opposed to assuming how it should go and not being prepared when it doesn’t go to plan!

All in all the Lanna Lions had a great run out, match fitness and positional play are both coming along swimmingly. Onwards to the final session before the season begins!!


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