Saturday was wonderfully overcast for the Lanna Lions practice session. Our regulars were there as per usual with Stanton and Dtun, we welcomed back a player we’ve not seen in a while, Tim. Simon who is quickly becoming a regular and there was new face that came along, Nat,  who used to play in Bangkok. The session was gruelling but fun with a lot of cardio and contact practice. The coaches even tried to get a bit of kicking practice in for the whole team, as you never know when you’ll need to knock it for 6!

The latter hour we worked on game situations. It is a joy to see the Lanna Lions slowly gelling, we shall be a force to be reckoned with come August 3rd when the Lanna Rugby Tens League begins!

After practice we all went home, put on our glad rags and headed out for the FIRST EVER LANNA LIONS TEAM SOCIAL!!

We gathered at our Chiang Mai Club House, Sheryl’s Sports Bar, and began the night slowly. It was a bit of a last minute effort, however, we got a nice group out. Stubs and Dave the head coaches leading the pack, followed by Simon and Iain. Mike the owner was about and made himself knowing, offering up a slice of apple crumble for the lads, as we sank a few beers.

At around 10:30 we began to make our way to Zoe In Yellow! Where Iain and myself continued to wonder deeper into the abyss of alcoholism. Simon, the responsible guy that he is stuck to the sodas. God only knows how worse for ware his head must have been the day after . . .

In any case, Saturday was an absolute belter. There shall be many more to come, both the knackering practices along with the debaucherous night!


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