Directions from Central Festival Chiang Mai

  1. Follow the signs to Lamphun
  2. When the road directs you to leave the Super Highway to your left, ignore it continue over the bridge.
  3. When you approach the big T Junction, you’ll see a big golden Buddha sitting on the hillside in front of you, TURN RIGHT.
  4. Follow the road over the train tracks and through the two major junctions.
  5. Once you cross the bridge to the Lamphun city walls, TURN LEFT.
  6. Follow the road around the Moat.
  7. When you reach a set of traffic light and see a market and a Wat on your right, veer left, following the road off the river.
  8. You will see a 7/11 on your Left, immediately after, TURN RIGHT through the Lamphun Technical College gates.
  9. Follow the road to the bottom, at the T Junction TURN RIGHT.
  10. Follow the road down, after 100m the pitch will be on your right.