Grassroots Are On The Up

As the Season has progressed, the club has managed to recruit an array of players. Not only have the men’s and womens team been slowly accumulating players, as too have the grassroots teams.  Grassroots are firmly on the up.

Coach Tom and Coach Erin have been working hard since August to develop the younger players of the club. Some as young as 3 who play in the tots, all the way through to Cubs and then Juniors who are as old as 16.

Rugby is a brand new sport for the most part, in CM, especially for the children in this city.  LRC were unsure what sort of response the game would have, howoever both Coaches Tom and Erin have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome and dedication the children and parents have shown throughout the season.

Whilst the Tots and Cubs have been mainly focusing on the basics, the Juniors are now at a stage where the players are slowly understanding what the different roles in a team are.

Next season, 2022/23, Lanna Rugby Club hope to have the grassroots players finally have the chance to play games in a competitive situation.

Thank you for the huge effort all the players and parents have put in to help this club grow to the point at which it is at now.

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