Now the stress of the Corona virus is all but a memory, almost, the coaches of three superior teams met in the centre of Chiang Mai, Payap Rugby Club, CM IPE and of course, Lanna Rugby Club.

After the coaches had got a coffee in and settled down, they went at it hammer and tong to create the second season of the Lanna Rugby Tens League. There was a fair bit of umming and ahhing, however, in the end the coaches settled on the second season to go as follows:



  1.   Each match will play 3 x 10 minutes.
  2.   One match shall be played per fixture.
  3. The home side will arrange a referee.
  4. The matches are played at the home side pitch.
  5. Each team provides their own water.
  6. Every team has a 5 substitute maximum per game.
  7. Before a match, both teams must provide a team sheet showing player names and numbers.
  8. If a player is sent off, they shall miss the following match.Lanna Rugby Tens League 2020-21


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