The People Who Make LRC Tick!

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubTom Stubley – Founder / Chiarman / Club Secretary / Grassroots Development Manager

Tom has lived in Chiang Mai since 2016. He founded the Lanna Rugby Club in 2018. Tom Stepped down as the Men’s head coach at the end on the 2021 season and is now charging the way for Grassroots development.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubBrave Harn – Club Treasurer

Brave has been a fast stead player for Lanna Rugby Club since 2019. Committed to the cause to move Lanna Rugby Club in the right direction, he has accepted the position of Club Treasury.



Club Medic – Nong Panyadilok

Nong is a medical practitioner based in Chiang Mai. His children joined the club last year. Nong loves the sport and wants to see it develop.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubClub Media Manager – Richard Keyworth

Richard brought his son Jake down to play in with the Grassroots player last season. He fell in love with the game and the club. Richard is keen to help push the club forwards.



LANNA RUGBY CLUBClub Kit Manager – Louis Stanton 

Hailing from Leeds, Louis is the longest standing Lanna Rugby Club member after joining back in 2018. Louis has taken the onus on to no longer  just be a player, but take and active role in the club, pushing the rugby forwards in Chiang Mai.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubGrassroots Co-Social Secretary – Chuck Kitrell

Chuck has been a constant feature within the Juniors at Lanna Rugby Club since 2019. His two sons play with the Juniors/Academy squads and can’t get enough of it. Chuck is excited to see how the club will develop.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubGrassroots Co-Social Secretary – Matt Engmann

Matt has thoroughly enjoys rugby and what the game stands for. in 2021 Matt brought his children to the Lanna Tots practice who, like their father, fell in love with the game.  Matt is dedicated to pushing the Grassroots rugby forwards over the coming season.

Tots Co-Coach – Maynard Favila

Maynard, similarly to Chuck, has been an ever present at LRC. He introduced his son to the sport in 2019 and now he is hooked. Maynard has constantly helped LRC through his connections at school to push the game forwards and introduce more children to the sport.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubCubs/Juniors Co-Coach – Paul Zhang

Paul has been a part of Lanna Rugby Club since 2021. First his son and daughter joined, then Paul enrolled to play for Lanna Lions. Paul chieved his Level 1 World Rugby Coaching certificate in 2021 and endeavours to continue to coach and share his rugby knowledge.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubMen’s Head Coach – Matt Hirst

Matt has had an illustrious career to date. Before moving to Chiang Mai he was a player coach for the Northern RUFC. Since moving to Chiang Mai Matt has achieved World Rugby Level 2 Coaching Certificate which he is keen to apply this season.

Men’s Co-Coach –  Aaron Butcher

Arron has had a long history playing as a forward before moving to Chiang Mai. Arron can’t wait to help out with the coaching and develop a solid forward pack to compete in this season’s competitions.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubMen’s Co-Coach – Leigh McMinn

Leigh has been a solid fixture at the club since joining back in August 2021. He’s developed week in week out and gained the respect of the Men’s team, receiving the Player’s Player award at the End of Season do. Leigh is excited to share his leadership skills and help the club move forwards this season.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubMen’s Tour Manager – David Smith 

Dave has been a stalwart on the pitch and off the pitch. Not only did he play a huge part in playing for the club, but has played a part in team excursions last season and did a great job with it. He chose to take this role on for more fun away from home in the coming season.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubMen’s Social Secretary – Mike Foehn

Before moving to Chiang Mai to join the mighty Lanna Lions Mikey honed his skills at HKCC in Hong Kong. Mikey not only loves getting stuck in to the rugby, but quite enjoys the social aspect of the game. This year he has taken on the position to further develop the team bonding at Lanna Rugby Club.

Matthew Engmann - Grassroots Co-Social SecretaryWomen’s Co-Social Secretary  / Co-Tour Manager – Tai Shane

Tai joined the Lanna Lionesses last season in it’s inception. Brand new to the sport, Tai thrust herself into rugby practice, trying to absorb as much information as possible. Tai has taken this role on to help bond the team players and further the women’s rugby here at Lanna Rugby Club.

Management | Lanna Rugby ClubWomen’s Co-Social Secretary / Co-Tour Manager – Nikki Sajai

Nikki is a brand new edition to the Lanna Lionesses this season. She is new to the game and keen to make an impression. Nikki has a wealth of experience in travel and social events and is keen to help provide her experience to develop the social aspect of the club.


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