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School Rugby On The Up!

Today saw the first ever international school rugby competition in Chiang Mai, the Chiang Mai Invitational Touch Tournament which began early doors at 10:00am and ran on until just after midday.

For the best part of 4 months Lanna International, SIBS and Varee International School (who hosted this event) have upped the ante on pushing rugby union within their schools respectively.

Coach Hirsty (Varee), Erin (Lanna International) and Paul (SIBS) have done a sterling job of developing some fine touch rugby players since it was decided earlier in the year to push rugby in the schools within CM.

Erin, Paul and Matt have been involved with Lanna Rugby Club who have been supporting and pushing the progression of grassroots rugby union within Chiang Mai for the best part of three years. As this is the case, Lanna Rugby Club were invited to also put their U14s teams forwards to help grow the rugby culture within Chiang Mai.

Matt, who organised and refereed the event had this to say, “‘Thanks to Lanna International, SIBS, Lanna rugby club and Varee Chiang Mai International for allowing this to happen. Hopefully events like these can help grow the sport in Chiang Mai. Thanks also to Varee Chiang Mai International for hosting the event at their amazing facilities.”

It was a fantastic day, the school teams were given their first experience of competitive rugby and got to meet the children who have been playing the contact version for the last year or so.

The children put on some solid performances throughout the event. The finals were played between SIBS and LRC with LRC walking away with the final win of the day.

Rugby is in its infancy in Chiang Mai, however, with the likes of Varee, Lanna International, SIBS and Lanna Rugby Club championing the sport locally, the future looks very bright for this funny old game we call rugby union!