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Lanna Lionesses | Lanna Rugby Club

Lanna Lionesses Womens Team

Lanna Lionesses – This team is the Lann Rugby Club women’s open age team. Players from the age of 18 and up can join.
Lanna Lionesses play full contact rugby. Our senior coaches will lead the players through various drills to prepare the team for match days which commence in August until February. 
Join us between June to February for a high intensity practice and match days.
Every Thursday @ Suthep Stadium 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Every Saturday @ San Kamphaeng Ground  3:00PM – 5:00PM

Why Join The Lanna Lionesses?


Come down and make new, long lasting friendships.

Lanna Rugby Club


Lanna Rugby Club puts respect above all else. This can be seen from our open age teams right through to our younger years. 

Lanna Rugby Club


It is important to nurture commitment throughout a sports team. Our players are committed to playing not only for the club but for one another. 


Lanna Rugby Club is more than a place to play sport. We are a family. The club hosts annual Christmas and end of season parties to allow the club members to socialise off the pitch as well as on it.

Lanna Rugby Club


When LRC does something we give all our attention. We help to hone the focus of our payers which can benefit them in the club and out of it. 

Lanna Rugby Club


Suthep Stadium

Home Ground (Varee Int.)