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Kids Ark Chiang Mai

Kids Ark Chiang Mai is a foundation that has been helping children in Thailand for over two decades. Since 2020 Lanna Rugby Club have worked alongside Kids Ark to provide the children with a safe fun environment to play sport, develop their social skills, leadership, team work, and give the children a reason to focus.

About Kids Ark

Despite Thailand’s economic growth, many Thai and ethnic minority children live in extreme poverty and face enormous challenges. They have limited access to health and education, leaving them vulnerable and at a disadvantage.

These children are more susceptible to entering a high-risk trade, staying home to work, marrying young, or succumbing to various forms of trafficking or sexual exploitation, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.

At Kids Ark we believe knowledge is the most effective weapon against the pitfalls that lure so many disadvantaged youth, simply because they lack the resources and opportunities necessary to advance themselves.

Children can attend one of our three House of Hope after-school programs where they are embraced by a community of teachers, staff leaders, their peers and wonderful cooks who prepare nutritious meals. There the children receive homework help and participate in a variety of other educationally-based learning opportunities, such as: computer techniques; handicraft; self-defense; health and hygiene; life skills; gardening; cooking; sports; language skills and other esteem-building games and activities. Today, Kids Ark operates three Houses of Hope and one Daycare Center which serve over 200 children.

If you would like to know more about the foundation you can email them at Similarly if you would like to help Kids Ark you can make a donation via this link. 

Kids Ark Chiang Mai | Lanna Rugby Club

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