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Lanna Rugby Club 2022 Christmas Party

After a very exciting season to date it was time for the Lanna Rugby Club members to take stock, kick back and enjoy a bit of down town to round off year 2022. 

Since the beginning of the season the Social secretaries for the Grassroots teams and the senior teams have been hard at work orchestrating what was a fantastic and festive party. 

Chuck, Grassroots Social Secretary, was the main driving force behind the do. Frank, one of the grassroots parents also kindly got involved. 

All the Tots, Cubs and Juniors arrived at The Moat House promptly at around 2pm. The place was alive with Christmas tunes and chatter. Then the buffet was set out. An onslaught of grassroots players demolished it in minutes. Good job it was a buffet, more was being prepped to bring to the rooftop bar. 

Lanna Rugby Club even had a very special guest come crash the party … none other than Santa! Bringing a bit more festive cheer than previous years to the Christmas party, St Nick  started dishing out the Christmas pressies. 

It’s safe to say the Grassroots Christmas Do was a raving success!

Once the hubub of the Grassroots party had died down, the families began to mosey on to enjoy their holidays, alas, this was not the last celebration to be had! There was still the seniors Christmas do to go!

Now, when it came to the Seniors things were a little different. It wasn’t the buffet that was demolished, more so the bar! The drinks were flowing, the players were getting rowdy and have a right old time! 

The obligatory fines for all the players were had and then the man of the hour finally showed up … AGAIN! Santa once more graced us with his presence. 

The lads and ladies had a great time meeting St. Nick, sat on his knee and made their Christmas wishes before he trundled off to prep for Christmas Eve. 

Shortly after Santa had departed it was time for the players to adjourn. That’s when my memory becomes a little fuzzy…. Safe to say it was a bang on night uniting the players one more time before they all went on their Christmas Jollies.