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Lions Debut First Ever 15s Squad For Lanna Rugby Club

Back in November 2023 Lanna Lions put together the first ever 15s squad for Lanna Rugby Club to play against a Chiang Mai fronted 15s squad! 
It was great to be part of the first Chiang Mai only 15s match we’ve ever been part of. It was great to be able to field a full 15s squad made up entirely of Lanna Rugby Club players, verses a combined Cobras Rugby Club and CMU Rugby Club side.
Back in 2018, a dream of the club founder, Tom Stubley, was to one day be able to front a full 15s squad. Under the new leadership of  the Club Director, Matt, and Men’s Coach, Levy, Lanna Lions have brought this dream to fruition.
The match was lively and competitive throughout. As people in S.E.A have come to know, Lanna Rugby Club is about developing players. Whether they have player for years, or new blood wanting to get stuck in, we will put you through your paces to get you where you need to be. In the early minutes of the game, the CMU/Cobras team managed to put a couple of tries past the Lions. Alas, as the game got going, the Lions showed more of what their about. The defensive line and ball skills used in practice started to come through. 
LRC had worked the opposition down around the half time mark. A penalty was secured on the 5m line. Jamie, with his speed and agility managed to dance round through the defensive line and score a try for Lanna. Then, Vlam, who’s been about LRC for the last 3 years, put it over for a conversion. 
The Chiang Mai contingent came back fighting and slowly squeezed two more tries out of us. Then on the hour mark, just as Lanna Lions got going again, danger struck!! Dtun, one of the Lanna Lions speed merchants, was hit hard. He took the ball at pace and went seeking to break through the line. Just as he’d got going, he was taken out by a player and went down hard and had to be stretchered off the pitch. Later confirmed to be a sprained ankle and was ruled out till after the New Year. 
Shortly after CMU/Cobras worked one more try before all was said and done. Lanna Lions first ever 15s match was a loss, but it was hard fought with some great sparks of quality throughout. 

We caught up with the club founder earlier this week, he had this to say;
“It’s is absolutely superb that the club is in a place now to challenge other teams in 15s rugby at a competitive level! I couldn’t be prouder of the club, what a great achievement and a testament to the new management in charge”. 

The club would like to say thanks to CMU Rugby Club and Chiang Mai Cobras for the brilliant game.
Man of the Match

Riu –  He only picked up rugby in July, yet each week has continued to learn and develop in the sport. Rui put in a great shift making some quality carries and scrummaging!

If you’d like to watch the match at length, you’ll find the link here!

15s squad | Lanna Rugby Club

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