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Lanna Cubs Host Preseason Youth Tournament

To kick off preaseason, Lanna Cubs host a youth rugby tournament!

On a lovely warm, albeit humid, day, Lanna Rugby Club put on an event to mark the first day of practice, a preseason youth tournament. 

Thomou Pas-plein (Youth officer) and Matt Hirst (Club Director), alongside help from club management, worked tirelessly the last few months to create this fantastic event.

The club hosted the Bangkok Lions, Prince Royal College and Doi Tao Rugby club for the U12 and U14 age groups. Two years ago this was but a dream, however, as rugby is becoming a much more popular sport in Thailand, LRC were able to bring this event to life with 6 teams competing in a round robin style event. 

‘It’s so great to be able to host a youth touring team to Chiang Mai’ said Matt. ‘It just shows that some of the hard work from the coaches and the rugby community is starting to pay dividends. Thank you to Bangkok Lions for travelling, for coming all the way up and for their coaches and commitment. Thanks you Doi Tao for travelling to Chiang Mai and for the support from Prince Royal College.’


Round 1

Doi Tao 0 – 5 BKK Lions
Lanna Cubs 5 – 5 BKK Lions
Lanna Cubs 5 – 15 Doi Tao

Round 2

Doi Tao 0 – 15 BKK Lions
Lanna Cubs 10 – 5 BKK Lions
Lanna Cubs 0 – 5 Doi Tao

Round 1

Prince Royal’s College 5 – 5 Lanna Cubs
BKK Lions 10 – o Proince Royal’s College
BKK Lions 5 – 15 Lanna Cubs

Round 2

Prince Royal’s College 0 – 15 Lanna Cubs
BKK Lions 0 – 15 Prince Royal’s College
BKK Lions 0 – 15 Lanna Cubs

Lanna Rugby Club organised a lovely post match event after the games at Freerolls Bar, the Bangkok Lions made a donation to the children from the Kids Ark Foundation of shorts, socks, boots and shirts.

Thank you to LOSiam – Laboratoire Olfactif du Siam, The Donut Cafe, All Maps and the KMCO Group for your support.